1Tb/s Internet Speeds Achieved in London – Download 44 HD Movies in 1 Second

According to the BBC the world’s fastest internet speeds of 1.4 terabits per second have been achieved in London, via joint testing between Alcatel-Lucent and BT ISPs. The blistering fast speeds ran on the current fiber-optics infrastructure, so no additional Ethernet lines would be needed for people to have the 1.4Tb/s service in their homes, which would allow them to download 44 uncompressed HD movies in a mere second.

According to the companies involved in the joint testing, the demand for high speed bandwidth increases by 35% each year, which is due to video streaming and file sharing. Since this service uses existing infrastructure they will be able to meet the increasing demand without having to invest heavily in a new infrastructure, meaning the prices for this service shouldn’t be too high when it goes online.


Accodring to the article the speeds were achieved in a manner similar to freeing up highway lanes;

“Kevin Drury, optical marketing leader at Alcatel-Lucent, likened the development to reducing space between lanes on a busy motorway, enabling more lanes of traffic to flow through the same area. He said flexibility meant some could be adapted to specific needs – like opening an extra lane during the morning rush hour. In internet terms, this would mean, for example, streaming video would get a large, wide lane, while accessing standard web pages would need only a small part of the fibre’s capacity.”