AMD Kaveri A10 APU Powered Briefcase PC Mod

AMD kicked off CES with their Kaveri Tech Day event, which was dedicated to the new APU’s coming down the pipe. At the event though AMD was showing off some case mods using Kaveri based systems and Legit Reviews managed to get a few shots of an interesting briefcase mod made by Ed Callaway.


The modded briefcase features a full computer system with an AMD Kaveri CPU, a mITX motherboard, 16GB of AMD memory and an internal SSD. AMD also managed to fit an entire self-contained water cooler in the briefcase and a full power brick.


You can watch the video below to see this system in action. In the video they are using the Kaveri IGP to run battlefield 4 without the use of a graphics card, and even though we don’t know the settings the game appears to be running without stutter.