AMD Unveils FreeSync – Nvidia G-Sync without the Added Cost

NVIDIA has been pushing their G-Sync technology hard at CES, but not to be out done AMD is showing off their own frame sync technology, “FreeSync”.

Unlike G-Sync, AMD’s FreeSync is not an add-on that increases the cost of a monitor, instead AMD’s tech can be used without an modifications via an already established VESA standard for controlling VBLANK intervals that allows the GPU to synchronize frames with the monitor.


Anandtech got to see FreeSync in action and posted a video online to show the difference. Like G-Sync it is hard for the camera to pick up the differences but they slowed down the video to show off the tech better.

“The next step was to write a little demo app that could show it working. In the video below both systems have V-Sync enabled, but the machine on the right is taking advantage of variable VBLANK intervals. Just like I did in our G-Sync review, I took a 720p60 video of both screens and slowed it down to make it easier to see the stuttering you get with V-Sync On when your content has a variable frame rate. AMD doesn’t want to charge for this technology since it’s already a part of a spec that it has implemented (and shouldn’t require a hardware change to those panels that support the spec), hence the current working name “FreeSync”.”