ASUS Poseidon Graphics Card Images Released


ASUS has just released images of their latest cooler the Poseidon, with the attached comment “Another God of Olympus has just awaken..”

Air or liquid – your choice!


The new cooler is comprised of a large air cooled heatsink that has an integrated water block connected to a GK110 GPU. This allows the heatsink to support water cooling, air cooling, or both. According to ASUS the new heatsink runs 2x cooler and 3x quieter than standard heatsinks and it has dual dust-proof fans that boost a 25% longer life-span.


The GK110 based graphics card (most likely a GTX 780 Ti) also has a Digi+ VRM esign with black metallic capacitors that a have 5X the durability of standard caps and they are also create less noise under load.


There haven’t been any rumors of when this graphics card will hit the market in volume, but January or February would be a safe bet.