ASUS Radeon R9 290x DirectCU II Images Surface


The AMD Radeon R9 290x is a beast when it comes to both performance and hardware. The only drawback is the high power envelope creates a lot of heat and the vapor chamber heatsink used on the reference cards simply could not handle the load. In almost all of the benchmarks across the net the 290x was running at a peak load temperature of 95c, which is close enough to its thermal threshold that it caused many cards in the first batch to throttle and run at lower clock speeds.

The good news is all AMD’s board partners are looking to change this and today we got a glimpse of the first aftermarket design from ASUS.


As you can see the ASUS R9 290x is based on the companies DirectCU II design meaning it will have large 10mm nickel plated copper heat pipes that run throughout the fin array grid and connect to the GPU with a direct contact design. This improves the rate at which the heat can be transferred from the core – making it more efficient than the standard designs.


The fans on the heatsink use ASUS’s multiple blade design that adds extra blades to the fan for a ranger of airflow.