Bots Make up 61.5% of All Internet Traffic


According to the internet has more bots visiting website than actual people. The static showed that the bot to human ratio was extremely high as only 38.5% of internet traffic is made up of actual people. The other 61.5% are bots, scrapers, hacking tools, spammers and other impersonators.

Bots are a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Typically, bots […] Continue Reading

Full Scale Millennium Falcon Built for Upcoming Star Wars Movies


If you are as big a Star Wars fan as I am then this should make you geek out. According to Yahoo News, a full sized replica of the Millennium Falcon has been built – inside and out – that will be used in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie!

“A full-scale 1:1 Millennium Falcon has been built as well as the interiors of the ship for filming. The Falcon is done – inside and out. The se […] Continue Reading

Nintendo Is Making Smartphone Games

Nintendo has officially confirmed after recent weeks of contrasting reports, that it will be releasing content for smartphones. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, announced the news at a business presentation in Tokyo, Japan. He explained that their first step in smartphone development is an app that could showcase “the value of our entertainment offerings, thus encouraging more people to participate in Nint […] Continue Reading

China Bans Battlefield 4 because it Endangers National Security – Yeah Right

The Chinese Government (if you can call it that) is known for being repressive when it comes to giving its people free access to data. In the People Republic of China Internet browsers limit what people can search for, share and see on the net, making it is hard to find a bad word about the Government (again if you can call it that).

The latest thing to get banned in China is BF4 and the reason is n […] Continue Reading

Norway Plans to Digitally Archive Entire Library Collection


The National Library of Norway aims to digitally archive their entire collection including books, newspapers, magazines, multimedia items and even television broadcasts. So far, they have digitized an estimated 235,000 books, 740,000 hours of radio, 310,000 hours of television, 7,000 records, and 7,000 films. The entire project will take an approximate 20-30 years to complete.

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18 Core Intel Processor in 2015


Intel has been in the lead for longer than I can remember, I think it was back in 2006 that AMD could compete core-for-core with Intel. In this type of market there is no need for Intel to really push the boundaries and give us the same type of performance increase per-generation as we saw from the Pentium-D to Core 2 Duo. However, it does look like Intel is going to make good with the upcoming 14nm […] Continue Reading

NVIDIA Made Crop Circle to Market Tegra K1

NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang gave his Tegra marketing team what he thought was an impossible challenge. This was to create a global ad campaign for the new Tegra K1 chip that was just announced at CES with no budget. The team also had to make sure the campaign was environmentally friendly and that no resources were wasted in the process.

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8 Year Old Finds Porn on New Nintendo DS

While most people go about the holiday season buying and returning merchandise with no issues, some people just don’t have the same luck. Just yesterday we reported on a couple that bought an iPhone at a Target store, but when they opened the box it was full of nothing more than erasers and index cards. This next story is along the same vein, as it happened over this Christmas and the item in question (a […] Continue Reading

PCPerspective & Corsair Global Halloween Giveaway

PC Perspective has teamed with Corsair for a killer Halloween Giveaway. Open worldwide!

Enter here:

List of prizes below;

  • Corsair Graphite 230T orange case ($80)
  • Corsair Hydro H80i with the LED set to orange ($87)
  • Corsair Raptor K50 RGB keyboard with LED se […] Continue Reading

Apple Selling used iPads as New


A Cambridge Massachusetts women thought she had scored a killer deal on Black Friday – a brand new Apple iPad that when purchased on Friday came with a $115 Target gift card. When the women got home and fired up the device though she quickly found out that it wasn’t new at all and that the previous owner had left pictures, contacts, and apps already uploaded to the tablet. Presumably the internet […] Continue Reading