MSI Radeon R9 270 Gaming OC Graphics Card Review

Product Name: MSI Radeon R9 270 Gaming OC Edition

Price: Starting at $179.99 – Amazon

AMD has released an onslaught of graphics cards in a short period of time and the “Volcanic Islands” family continues to grow with the release of the AMD Radeon R9 270.

The 270, is similar to that the 270x, but it comes with a more […] Continue Reading

Noctua NH-L9i and NH-L9a CPU Cooler Review

Product: Noctua NH-L9i Heatsink

Price: Starting at $42.99 – Amazon

HTPC builds require not only a heat sink with a physically smaller dimensions, but one that performs silently. Small fan size generally means the exact opposite due to the higher RPM requirement just to produce as much airflow as a larger fan size equivalent, so […] Continue Reading

Raijintek Pallas Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

Despite the fact that newer processors require less power to operate, thermal concerns are still an issue to consider because a smaller area can have more current flowing at a given time compared to older and larger fabrication designs. This is especially true when overclocking the latest Intel Haswell processors which are more difficult to tame thermally compared to Inte […] Continue Reading

3-D Cardboard Triangles Could Make Bubble Wrap Obsolete

As a DIY system builder and reviewer I frequently have packages arriving at my doorstep that are packed with sensitive hardware that can easily be destroyed. With so much hardware coming in the chances of damaged hardware arriving are high, and from the looks of some of the boxes that are delivered it appears as if UPS/FedEx are running them over with their truck before carelessly tossing them at my front […] Continue Reading

Be Quiet! Silent Wings 2 140mm Fan Review


Outside of an anechoic chamber or the vacuum of space, nothing is truly silent but you can’t fault a person for trying to build a computer system that runs stealthily. Although it was quite an undertaking a few years ago, recent advances in CPU and GPU efficiencies have made it easy to run powerful systems without resorting to high-RPM fans for cooling. Not al […] Continue Reading

Cougar Spike Mini Gaming Case Review


When it comes to cases there are very few that have an MSRP as low as $34.99, even mini towers cost more, but the COUGAR Spike is one such case. However, even with the extremely low price tag it still comes with a host of features that make it a great case for any Micro-ATX build.

The COUGAR Spike is designed to offer a blend of performance and functions for a mini tower […] Continue Reading

Kingston HyperX Beast Black 16 GB 2133 Review

Kingston HyperX Beast memory is memory designed for the enthusiast community and a quick look at both the visual style and specifications make this perfectly clear. First off the HyperX Beast memory has a sexy black heatspreader with fins and the top and instead of using a standard green PCB, Kingston went with a black PCB that gives this kit a visual edge over most memory on the market. Additionally, the […] Continue Reading

Judge Rules NSA Spying Legal Under Constitution

A New York Judge, William Pauley recently ruled the illegal, invasive, dickish activities of the NSA to be completely legal under the constitution. A move that no doubt has the founding fathers waiting for the zombie apocalypse, so they can be the first to eat his brains. Though I imagine it would taste like failure and stupidity.

When it comes to the law you always hope that people can see past the […] Continue Reading

Patriot FUEL+ 9000mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery Review


Smartphones and Tablets have revolutionized the way we access data on the go and with current 4G networks and Wi-Fi we never have to miss the latest Miley Cyrus Twerking video or drunken “Yolo” Tweet. The Achilles heel of most mobile devices though is the weak battery life. Take my Motorola Razr Smartphone for example. After a full charge I can only get a few hours of battery life when doing […] Continue Reading

PowerColor Devil Radeon R9 270X 2GB Review


PowerColor first introduced their DEVIL series with the flagship DEVIL13 HD 7990 graphics card, which featured a dual slot – triple fan heatsink capable of cooling two fully enabled Tahiti XT graphics processors, 6GB of VRAM and a power delivery system capable of supplying 375W total board power. In addition, the DEVIL came with a sleek red and black color scheme and aesthetics that put most other […] Continue Reading