The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay

The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay walkthrough video features Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre at WB Games Montréal as they guide viewers through the mechanics of the new title, highlighting the game’s deep combat system and engrossing narrative. Over the span of 17 minutes, you’ll see the Dark Knight explore the Batcave, beat down on thugs and infiltrate […] Continue Reading

1Tb/s Internet Speeds Achieved in London – Download 44 HD Movies in 1 Second

According to the BBC the world’s fastest internet speeds of 1.4 terabits per second have been achieved in London, via joint testing between Alcatel-Lucent and BT ISPs. The blistering fast speeds ran on the current fiber-optics infrastructure, so no additional Ethernet lines would be needed for people to have the 1.4Tb/s service in their homes, which would allow them to download 44 uncompressed HD movies […] Continue Reading

AMD “Hawaii” Die Shot Shows Unused Streaming Processors – 3072 SPs in Total

Graphics processors use a modular design where a certain amount of CUs (compute units) can be removed from the GPU die to make it more affordable to the end-user. When a GPU has more CUs and streaming processors it is going to be faster than a card that has been shaved down, and it appears as if AMD has the necessary CUs to make the 290x even more powerful.

In its current form the AMD Radeon R9 290x […] Continue Reading

ASUS Maximus VI Gene Z87 Motherboard Review


The quick rise of mobile technology and console gaming in the last few years drove fear into the hearts of many enthusiasts that were worried about the future of desktop of computing. Once the data came in however, it is clear that the PC is here to stay and the sales are only projected to grow stronger with Valve’s big move with Steam OS and Steam box release […] Continue Reading

Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler Review

Be Quiet! has been one of Germany’s best kept secrets for almost half a decade now, winning multiple awards as an exceptional manufacturer as voted on by critics and users alike. Making a name in the hustle and bustle of the large North American market however is the next challenge they are currently undertaking. With a very populated market, getting noticed is difficul […] Continue Reading

CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Giveaway

It isn’t a high-end graphics card or an SSD, but it is free. All you have to do is share the giveaway on Facebook and comment in the comment section below for a chance to win. Giveaway ends 1/30/2014 12am PST Prizes: CM Storm Spawn gaming Mouse & Skorpion bungee Continue Reading

CyberPowerPC x Patriot Memory Thanksgiving Giveaway


We aren’t the only ones giving away hardware over the Holiday’s. Kingston and CyberPower have partnered to bring you a Holiday Giveaway where you could win a CyberPower FangBook EVO gaming laptop, a 128GB SuperSonic Magnum flash drive and a Wireless HDD.

Enter Here:

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EVGA GeForce GTX 750 SC 1GB Graphics Card Review

The EVGA GeForce GTX 750 is based on Nvidia’s First Generation “Mawell” architecture which packs quite a punch for having a TDP below 75W. Just a few weeks ago we were able to examine the GTX 750 Ti, which is the older sibling of the 750 series, the difference in this model is it comes with a slightly cut down GPU that features 512 CUDA cores instead of 620 and it o […] Continue Reading

HDD vs. SSD Real World Gaming Performance


Hard OCP just posted an interesting review about the gaming performance between SSDs and HDDs. In the article the consensus is that there is no difference in gaming and I can vouch for that, when it comes to the frame rate you are not going to see any difference between using an SSD over an HDD. What we think they missed though is the loading time of games. The difference when loading into games is n […] Continue Reading