The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay

The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay walkthrough video features Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre at WB Games Montréal as they guide viewers through the mechanics of the new title, highlighting the game’s deep combat system and engrossing narrative. Over the span of 17 minutes, you’ll see the Dark Knight explore the Batcave, beat down on thugs and infiltrate […] Continue Reading

Patriot FUEL+ 9000mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery Review


Smartphones and Tablets have revolutionized the way we access data on the go and with current 4G networks and Wi-Fi we never have to miss the latest Miley Cyrus Twerking video or drunken “Yolo” Tweet. The Achilles heel of most mobile devices though is the weak battery life. Take my Motorola Razr Smartphone for example. After a full charge I can only get a few hours of battery life when doing […] Continue Reading

Pre-orders for GTA V (PC) Listed in Amazon

GTA V is arguably, the most anticipated game of year and although rumours are abound as to when it will hit the PC, a definitive date is yet to be announced. Amazon’s French and German stores however have started offering the game for pre-order (49.99 EUR) which can be taken as a release date that is closer than most people think. Most rumours point to a March 2014 release date.

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Silk Road Replacement Steals 40 Million Dollars in Bitcoins


When Silk Road was shut down multiple sites stepped in to fill the void of the online drug market and one of the larger sites that popped up was the Sheep Marketplace. The new market quickly grew with thousands of people sending Bitcoins for their purchases and even when the new Silk Road launched earlier this month many people continued to use the site, which appears to have been nothing more than a […] Continue Reading

Western Digital Debuts World’s First SSD+HDD Dual Drive


Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) company and storage industry leader, today announced the release of the WD Black2™ dual drive, a unique storage innovation that fuses a 2.5-inch 120 GB solid state drive (SSD) with a 1 TB hard disk drive (HDD) to offer a powerful dual drive solution. Perfect for consumers and service providers looking to upgrade notebooks, small form factor desktops, and sin […] Continue Reading

ADATA XPG V2 8GB 1600MHZ Memory Review

The ADATA XPG V2 series is the companies flagship memory product and for good reason. The lineup comes with speeds of up to 3100 MHz, with timings of CL 12-14-14-36 at 1.65V (XMP Profile 1). Speed alone doesn’t make memory great though, greatness lies within the ICs, heatspreader, performance and of course overclocking. On all of these fronts the XPG V2 memory should ki […] Continue Reading

AMD Unveils FreeSync – Nvidia G-Sync without the Added Cost

NVIDIA has been pushing their G-Sync technology hard at CES, but not to be out done AMD is showing off their own frame sync technology, “FreeSync”.

Unlike G-Sync, AMD’s FreeSync is not an add-on that increases the cost of a monitor, instead AMD’s tech can be used without an modifications via an already established VESA standard for controlling VBLANK intervals that allows the GPU to synchron […] Continue Reading

ASUS Teases Upcoming Air-Water Combo Heatsink for GPUs


ASUS Released a teaser of their latest graphics card cooling design today dubbed “Poseidon”. The new heatsink is a combo design that integrates both heatpipes and water cooling tubes for extreme cooling performance that should be able to cool over 375W. The cooling unit also has dual cooling fans, so this isn’t just a cut down heatsink with water cooling added, it is a full-fledged thermal solu […] Continue Reading

Bots Make up 61.5% of All Internet Traffic


According to the internet has more bots visiting website than actual people. The static showed that the bot to human ratio was extremely high as only 38.5% of internet traffic is made up of actual people. The other 61.5% are bots, scrapers, hacking tools, spammers and other impersonators.

Bots are a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Typically, bots […] Continue Reading