The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay

The Batman: Arkham Origins Official 17 Minute Gameplay walkthrough video features Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre at WB Games Montréal as they guide viewers through the mechanics of the new title, highlighting the game’s deep combat system and engrossing narrative. Over the span of 17 minutes, you’ll see the Dark Knight explore the Batcave, beat down on thugs and infiltrate […] Continue Reading

3-D Cardboard Triangles Could Make Bubble Wrap Obsolete

As a DIY system builder and reviewer I frequently have packages arriving at my doorstep that are packed with sensitive hardware that can easily be destroyed. With so much hardware coming in the chances of damaged hardware arriving are high, and from the looks of some of the boxes that are delivered it appears as if UPS/FedEx are running them over with their truck before carelessly tossing them at my front […] Continue Reading

Bill Gates surprises Reddit user as her secret Santa


Redditgifts is a giant online gift exchange program that started connecting internet strangers-friends around the world with one another in 2009. Last year the exchange had 44,805 people participate in Secret Santa 2012 and this year it is going to hit even higher numbers.

This year one of the participant’s secret Santa turned out to be none other than Bill Gates, but the exchange only liste […] Continue Reading

College Student wanted to see what GTA Would be like in the Real World

I have played all the Grand Theft Auto games, excluding only the latest version because it hasn’t come out on the PC yet. However, I am mentally stable enough to know that in real life you don’t steal a car, ram other cars, kidnap a girl and just regenerate at the starting point. According to NBC News though Zachary Burgess is a freshman lacrosse player at Auburn University didn’t quiet understand the co […] Continue Reading

Deepcool Gamer Storm Lucifer CPU Heatsink Review



As efficient as modern processors have become, they are still not so efficient that they can run without any sort of heat sink. All that heat has to go somewhere so it just stands to reason that the larger the surface area provided, the better the cooling. Think of it like a highway with a great deal of traffic. If there are more open lanes and the streets are wider, then congestion is a […] Continue Reading

EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition Revealed


It appears as if everyone decided today would be the day to showcase their latest heatsink design. However, EVGA has been teasing their upcoming GTX 780 Ti Classified all weeks, so we are glad they finally decided to remove the veil completely and show off the full graphics card.

EVGA-GeForce-GTX-780ti-ClassifiedContinue Reading

Galaxy S4 Catches Fire – Samsung Tries to Silence Customer


In an attempt to squash a story of a man’s Galaxy S4 catching fire Samsung has created a bit of a PR disaster that added more fuel to the fire.

What happened was an S4 owner simply plugged in his charger and went to sleep. He woke up to the smell of electoral burning and noticed the phone was smoking and on fire. The fire was intense enough it caused the phones charger to melt and a good por […] Continue Reading

Hexus – Enter to Win One of 3 Crucial SSDs

1st Prize: M500 960GB | 2nd Prize: M500 480GB | 3rd Prize: M500 240GB

Enter Here:

Three awesome SSDs, we’re sure you’ll agree, but that’s not all! For the winner of our 1st prize, we’ll also max out your system memory with a free RAM upgrade worth up to £200!

Wan […] Continue Reading