Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini-ITX Case Review


Small form factor (SFF) cases are growing in popularity mainly because advancements in case design allows even the smallest cases to accommodate a closed-loop water cooler, large graphics cards and multiple storage options. Additionally, as Intel and AMD continuously shrink the die size of their processors less power is needed to run them, so even high-end processors such as the 4770K can be easily run on a Mini-ITX motherboard that will fit into the SFF case we are looking at in this review.

First lets start with a bit about Cooler Master. For anyone that doesn’t know about them (people who live in a cave) they are a company that has been around since 1992 and focus on cases, cooling and peripherals. They are also one company that has really delivered when it comes to SFF cases and today we are able to look at their latest Mini-ITX chassis; the Elite 130.

This case is designed to accommodate a high-end gaming system yet be small enough to fit on a desktop. In total the Cooler Master Elite 130 can fit large graphics cards such as the AMD Radeon 7990 and GTX 690, as well as a 120mm rad at the front, up to 5 SSDs and an ATX power supply. Even with all this hardware the case is designed for unprecedented airflow for a Mini-ITX case, thanks to the front mesh panel and vents on the top and side panels.