Custom AMD Radeon R9 290 Series Graphics Cards Coming Soon


Since the release of the AMD Radeon R 290 and 290x graphics cards all of the models available at retail have been based on the reference design. We have heard rumblings though that we should start to see aftermarket heatsinks available within a few weeks from both XFX and Sapphire. While XFX hasn’t made anything public yet there is a statement on the Sapphire website confirming that they should have their custom designs on the market in the coming weeks.

The quote is below;

“Sapphire is always looking to provide the user with the best solutions, SAPPHIRE will be introducing new models in the R9 290 family over the coming weeks based on the company’s own designs and with innovative and enhanced cooling solutions.”

We are not sure if the custom cards from Sapphire will be part of the Vapor-X or Toxic family, but either way having both XFX and Sapphire aftermarket cards on the market will be a nice change from the loud and hot blower style fans used on the reference heatsinks.