Doctors Graft Mans Hand to Ankle to Save It While Arm Healed


Doctors for years have been able to reattach body parts that have been severed for years, but often then are underlying reasons a doctor cannot reattach a body part. These reasons can range from the appendage being removed from the body for more than just few hours, effectively leaving the body part dead. Severe damage to the area surrounding the lost body part could also be another reason it couldn’t be reattached and that is what happened to Xiao Wei, a Chinese man who lost is hand in a work related accident.

With his arm being too damaged to reattach his hand, his doctors decided to graft his severed hand to his ankle. With the hand attached to his foot it would get the necessary blood flow it needed in order to stay alive while the doctors waited for Wei’s arm to heal.

A month after the initial injury, Wei’s arm had finally healed up well enough and the hand was reattached to his arm. The doctors labeled the surgery as a success, but it will take more surgeries before Wei is able to fully use his hand again.

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