EVGA Reveals Their Upcoming Mystery Graphics Card


EVGA has been dropping teaser images of an unannounced graphics card all week, but until the last image was released today, we were all simply speculating on what the new product would be. The guesses ranged from a dual GPU GK110 graphics card to a 780 k|ngp|n edition, but with the release of the image today we know the graphics card is in fact a EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified edition, which was what we speculated it would be.

EVGA still has some more teaser images coming, as we have yet to fully see the graphics card in all its glory, but the teaser images are giving us at least some idea of what the graphics card will look like and now we can put a name to the teases. The images below are the ones released prior to today’s declassification image.


EVGA released a teaser of an upcoming product on Instagram with a simple caption: “Designed and engineered by the best… #comingsoon”

Guess on the site have ranged from a GTX 780 Ti Classified, to a custom dual core graphics card similar to the ASUS GTX 760 Mars Edition. What are your thoughts on what this could be ?


EVGA has just released another tease via Instagram. Check it out below.