Eye Control: Coming Soon To A Monitor Near You

Have you dreamed about a way to lock onto a target with only your eyes? Mashable today reported that SteelSeries is working on a USB powered peripheral that attaches to the top of your monitor allowing you to do just that. The controller licenses Tobii’s eye tracking technology that has been continuously upgraded and refined over the past several years. The new SteelSeries device has not been named yet, but it is reportedly based on the Tobii EyeX, the latest generation of Tobii’s eye tracking technology.


Reportedly a shooter could gaze at an object onscreen to aim or lock upon a target, then click or hit a keyboard button to fire or attack. I can see the technology being quite accurate as a couple years ago I participated in a market research survey for an entertainment company who used similar technology to pinpoint exactly where I looked when presented with a new web page layout. Even then the technology was deadly accurate as the results of my eye movements were presented back to me. I had looked at this shiny little icon on a huge LED monitor first and the tech had captured that very accurately.