Galaxy S4 Catches Fire – Samsung Tries to Silence Customer


In an attempt to squash a story of a man’s Galaxy S4 catching fire Samsung has created a bit of a PR disaster that added more fuel to the fire.

What happened was an S4 owner simply plugged in his charger and went to sleep. He woke up to the smell of electoral burning and noticed the phone was smoking and on fire. The fire was intense enough it caused the phones charger to melt and a good portion of the S4 was damaged as well. There have been other instances of the S4 catching fire and it is actually a rare occurrence when taking into account all the S4′s on the market, but what makes this story news worth was the horrible response by Samsung.

After the phone caught fire Samsung was notified and they asked the owner to make a video to prove the phone was damaged and that it was actually caused by the stated reason. He complied and created a video that showed the damage to the S4 and the power cable. The owner then did what most people would do – he uploaded the video to YouTube.

After the video was posted Samsung responded asking that the video be taken down and that in order for him to get a replacement he also need to take responsibility for the damage and not blame it on faulty equipment. In addition, he would not be allowed to talk to anyone about the issue and he could not join a class action lawsuit if other S4 owners had the same issue and wanted to sue Samsung.

Instead of complying with this he created another video essentially telling Samsung to screw off and the video is starting to go viral. Samsung is known for being horrible to their customers and this is another example proving this and one that they could have easily address by simply replacing the damaged phone and not sending out a letter written by a team of lawyers with the only interest being to protect Samsung.