Galaxy S5 Will Included Fingerprint and Retinal Scanner


The news team over at has just reported the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with not only a fingerprint scanner, but an eye scanner as well.

“According to the new rumors that have leaked about Samsung Galaxy S5 suggest that it will possess a Quad HD Screen and also fingerprint scanner along with the eye scanner. These reports have been recently leaked by ZDNet Korea. This website has suggested that the South Korean Company has geared up to welcome the newest feature in mobile, the QHD screen. It will be equipped in the new Samsung Galaxy S5. The Iris verification technology will also be present in the 2013 smartphones of Galaxy S5. The screen would measure a resolution off 2560*1440 which is making a buzz in the market. This resolution is actually quite similar to that of a 27 inch iMac. However, the screen size has not been confirmed yet but it is expected to linger around 5.5 inches.”


The S5 is also expected to sport a 64-bit multi-core processor that is paired with 3GB of internal memory and it comes with a 4000 mAh battery. It is also expected to arrive in two flavors; one with a standard plastic body and another with a metal enclosure.

The release date for the S5 is still unknown, but it will show up on the market in 2014.