Hackers Tweak Wii U Controller to Allow Streaming From PC

A small team of hackers may have finally given us a reason to purchase a Wii U. Through reverse engineering and firmware tweaks the team was able to stream PC games to the Wii U controller natively from a host computer – similar to how NVIDIA Shield works. While the process is still in beta testing the team was able to show off a simple drawing app being streamed from a laptop to the Wii U controller, proving the technology is functional. As the finale to the demo though the team also fired up, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, which was being emulated off the same laptop and run via a Gamecube emulator.


During the demo the game did crash a few times, but the team stressed the fact that they are still in beta and have some kinks to work out before all games will stream smoothly. The game play ran flawlessly though when it was working, and according to Engadget: “The group eventually plans to build user-friendly tools for Windows and OSX, as well as an Android port designed to allow users to substitute the Wii U GamePad with their own tablets, streaming from the console to the slate of their choice. “