HDD vs. SSD Real World Gaming Performance


Hard OCP just posted an interesting review about the gaming performance between SSDs and HDDs. In the article the consensus is that there is no difference in gaming and I can vouch for that, when it comes to the frame rate you are not going to see any difference between using an SSD over an HDD. What we think they missed though is the loading time of games. The difference when loading into games is night and day, when I switched to an SSD and loaded into Battlefield 4 I felt as if space and time must have sped up allowing me to enter the server faster than I had ever before.

I still want that time back – with drinking and not exercising I need all the time I can have.

Read the article here: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2013/12/10/hdd_vs_ssd_real_world_gaming_performance#.Uqq_3vRDvuo