Intel Hires 16 Year Old Prodigy

You might remember Joey Hudy, who when in the eighth grade met with President Barack Obama at the White House Science fair and demonstrated his impressive air cannon made from PVC, an air reserve tank and a manual pump. While many of us have tinkered with air cannons in the past his was impressive enough to really catch the eye of the President and it appears as if Joey was just getting started.


Since then Joey has been named one of the 10 smartest kids in the world and he has moved on from canons to tinkering with Arduino microcontroller boards and he even built a solar powered computer. All of these feats of mental strength have landed Joey a job at Intel, when he was hired on the spot by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at the Rome Maker Faire.

Intel hired him through their internship program, which is usually meant for talented college students, and at just 16 Joey is the youngest person to ever work at Intel, and the only employee to not have a drivers license.


“We hope to forge a lasting relationship with Joey, and all our interns, as we support their professional development,” said Vaadra Martinez, an intern program manager at Intel.

After the orientation Joey posted on his blog: “What an awesome place. It was so fun. I can’t wait to start making cool stuff!!”