Iron Maiden Makes Millions Touring Pirate Hot Spots

When it comes to pirating music it isn’t the musicians that get hurt in the end – and no matter how much some of them whine and moan – it is really the record labels that take the hit. Musicians make most of their money on the road selling out large venues, while the fat cats at the RIAA get rich by selling the music on either digital of physical media.

The heavy metal band Iron Maiden not only knows this, but they figured out a way to make pirating work to their advantage. On their most recent tour the band played venues in areas where their music was being pirated the most.


The below is from the Verge;

Cite World reports that data from British company Musicmetric indicated a surge in Iron Maiden piracy from South America. Instead of pursuing legal action, the band toured the continent extensively, making $2.58 million from one sold-out Sao Pãolo show alone, and adding another five million fans to its already extensive social media fan base.”

The RIAA and record labels make millions on the talent of great musicians while prosecuting average people for downloading music. This is a perfect example that the RIAA’s stance is wrong and that pirates are willing to pay good money to see a band, just not always for the vinyl.