Judge Rules NSA Spying Legal Under Constitution

A New York Judge, William Pauley recently ruled the illegal, invasive, dickish activities of the NSA to be completely legal under the constitution. A move that no doubt has the founding fathers waiting for the zombie apocalypse, so they can be the first to eat his brains. Though I imagine it would taste like failure and stupidity.

When it comes to the law you always hope that people can see past their political agenda, but this is usually not the case. Luckily just last week, another federal judge suggested that the collection of phone records was likely to violate the US constitution and a White House review panel has already recommended that President Obama stops the NSA in its tracks so there is hope.

Of course they won’t do this and with the power of the POTUS it isn’t unreasonable to assume they can cherry pick judges that will side with them. Hopefully the trial will continue though and the ACLU said Friday that they plan to appeal their case to the Second Circuit in Manhattan.

Let’s hope the new judge actually sees the NSA for what it is, but in the meantime all we have to have to say to Judge William Pauley is expressed in the image below.