Kingston HyperX Beast Black 16 GB 2133 Review

Kingston HyperX Beast memory is memory designed for the enthusiast community and a quick look at both the visual style and specifications make this perfectly clear. First off the HyperX Beast memory has a sexy black heatspreader with fins and the top and instead of using a standard green PCB, Kingston went with a black PCB that gives this kit a visual edge over most memory on the market. Additionally, the memory is 16 GB in density and has a default speed of 2133 MHz with a CAS 11 latency.

Even though the HyperX Beast memory runs at 2133MHz it only requires 1.6V. This puts it below the Intel IMC voltage limit meaning it can be used on any Intel platform that supports DDR3 memory. Of course the Beast is also Intel XMP ready, making overclocking and memory tuning as easy as enabling XMP in the BIOS.

The current price of the 2133MHz kit we are looking at is $184, which is high compared to other kits on the market. However, the Beast sets out to offer best in class performance, overclocking and aesthetics, so it could be worth every penny for demanding gamers and overclockers.