Man Strips Wife on


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the ability to instantly stream to via the share function, but after Friday night things will never be the same… and user Darckobra is to blame. There are a lot of strange things that happen when you are drinking and I know this first hand, but luckily my audience when I am smashed is usually just a few close friends so I don’t have to be too embarrassed the next day.


A couple on though had an audience of nearly 200,000 as he and his wife sat on a couch drinking, and drinking, and drinking. Eventually, the wife passed out, at which point the husband pulled down the wives shirt showing the internet some breast. Yes, live on Twitch TV, via The Playroom on PS4, a man lifted up his unconscious wife’s shirt and exposed her breast.

After 15 or 16 post-boob minutes, the channel went dark briefly; upon its return, the wife was completely naked, presumably stripped by the husband – though I can’t imagine she didn’t know she was being stripped – unless she had already checked on board at black out station. We aren’t sure of the wives feelings, but it was reported that when she awoke she was laughing.

The responses to the video might have been the best part, as you can see from the image above most people were simply stunned and just typing “WTF”.


The account has since been banned and Sony is updating their rules to make sure things like this don’t happen in the future.