Michael Bay walks off Stage at Samsung press conference

CES is full of guest speakers and some are celebrities. 99% of the time things go off without a hitch, but at Samsung’s press event today, things did not go so smoothly.

Michael Bay, the director of Transformers and upcoming movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a guest speaker for Samsung, but when he got on stage he quickly sounded as if he had anxiety attack, as he started to stumbled his words, blame his performance on a broken teleprompter, and eventually walk off stage, leaving Samsung EVP Joe Stinziano shocked and alone on the stage to finish this portion of the presentation.


The conference was to promote Samsungs curved 4K TVs, but with this performance it has become more about Michael Bay than the products. As you can guess the video was on YouTube just as quick as he walked off the stage and we have it below.