MSI CK Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Mechanical keyboards have gone through a massive resurgence in the market over the last few years and today gamers, typists and even casual PC users prefer them over standard keyboards. The reason is simple; they offer a high level of comfort, are built like tanks and have a wide range of switches that are tailored for certain types of typing.

In the gaming market Red Switches are typically considered the best option because of their lighter actuation rating of 45g, which reduces the force needed to actuate the switch. MX Red Switches also tend to be one of the more accurate switches due to the high sensitivity, allowing gamers to activate the key faster than traditional keyboards. The only down side to the switch is they tend to be expensive, so most gaming keyboards using the MX Cherry Red switches cost around $100, which some going as high as $150.

The MSI CK Series keyboard is designed to offer gamers a low cost mechanical keyboard that comes with MX Cherry switches, Multimedia keys and replacement keycaps for the WASD switches.