MSI Prepping Two New AMD Graphics Cards for CES

CES is still a week away, but some of the hardware that is going to be displayed at the largest consumer expo in the world is already starting to surface.

The latest hardware to start making the rounds on the internet are two new graphics cards from MSI that are part of the gaming series. The first is a mITX version of the R9 270x that is compatible with small form factor cases. This card is dubbed the MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming ITX and it features a Curacao XT graphics processor that is composed of 1280 Stream processors and it has a GPU boost state clock of 1120MHz. In addition, it includes a 2GB GDDR5 frame buffer that runs on a 256-bit wide bus and is clocked at 5.6GHz effective giving it a 179.2GB/s memory bandwidth rating.


The second new card to come out by MSI this year is an AMD Radeon R9 280x with a 6GB frame buffer. Even when the AMD Radeon 7970GHz was the flagship card in the AMD arsenal only one company sold a model that came with a 6GB of VRAM. The reason 6GB is an attractive option for this graphics card is it will improve the Ultra-HD (4K) and Eyefinity performance, pushing it to levels the 3GB cards simply aren’t capable of.


The Radeon R9 280X 6GB from MSI is a regular Twin Frozr IV variant with the Tahiti XT chip. This means the GPU comes with 2048 streaming processors, same as the HD 7970GHz and it has a 1050MHz boost clock speed. The 6 GB VRAM operates along a 384-bit interface and is clocked at 6GHz effective, giving it unrivaled memory bandwidth.


Pricing hasn’t yet been announced for the 6GB variant, but it will cost more than a standard R9 280x, as is the case with all graphics cards that include more memory and an after-market heatsink design.