New Mobile Phone Industry Site Tests Apps for Monthly Data Usage

If you are not one of the elite few who were lucky enough to get grandfathered into an unlimited data plan on a major carrier like AT&T, you have undoubtedly received a message from your carrier part way through your monthly billing cycle informing you that you are going over your monthly data cap. The problem with these messages is that by the time they are sent it is difficult to cull your data usage before your monthly bill cycle resets your data cap, resulting in dreaded overage fees. Now there is a site called Know My App created and run by the mobile phone industry that benchmarks most of the popular apps over a simulated month to determine average data usage. Below is the result for Google Maps on iOS showing an average of 324 MB per month.

Know My App


You may have been surprised that Google Maps uses that much data, but once known you can better manage all of your apps using data and if needed adjust your data plan accordingly. If you search for an app you frequently use and do not initially find it one the site, check back as the site looks to be adding apps frequently. Knowing is half the battle to staying under your monthly data cap and once identified superfluous apps can be restricted or deleted to save you from the industry’s favorite dig, the overage fee.