Nokia offers Fire Damaged Samsung S4 Owner a new Lumia Phone


Yesterday we reported the story of a Samsung S4 owner that’s phone caught on fire while it was charging. Instead of being sent a new phone though he was instead told he needed to sign a contract stating he would not talk about the phone fire and that he would accept responsibility. He was also told to take down the YouTube video he uploaded showing off the damage to the phone.

Instead of Samsung taking care of the issue, Nokia has stepped in and decided to rectify the situation for the S4 owener by offering him a new Nokia Lumia free of charge. Along with the offer they sent the following Tweet.

“@ghostlyrich we want to help you out. Let me send you a Nokia Lumia so you can experience how customer service should *really* work. –Jason��?


Nokia adding even more fuel to the fire by taking a shot at Samsung over this poorly handled situation, but what is clear is the owner of the S4 is doing better than he was just a few days ago. He is now getting a new phone and his videos went viral, giving him a nice sum of money from the monetized videos he uploaded.