NVIDIA GeForce GTX 790 and GTX Titan Black Could Hit the Market in March

The rumors surrounding Nvidia’s upcoming graphics cards have been all over the place. From what we are hearing a mid-range Maxwell graphics card is going to be released in February and two new flagship graphics cards will be released in March based on the GK-110 GPU.

The new Kepler products will be the GTX 790 and GTX Titan Black Edition.


The GTX 790 will be a dual GPU graphics with a duo of GK110 graphics processors that have 2496 streaming processors each. The GTX 790 will also have dual 320-bit memory bus and each GPU will have 5GB of memory, giving the card a total 10GB frame buffer. 10GB of GDDR5 memory will give this card substantial memory bandwidth, making it a great choice for 4K gaming.

The GTX Titan Black features a new darker color scheme on the traditional Nvidia heatsink design and also features 2880 CUDA cores, 240 TMUs, and 48 ROPS. The price on the GPU will be around $999, and we should hear more information on it shortly.


If these rumors are true, the cards should be on the market soon.

Source: TweakTown