NVIDIA Made Crop Circle to Market Tegra K1

NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang gave his Tegra marketing team what he thought was an impossible challenge. This was to create a global ad campaign for the new Tegra K1 chip that was just announced at CES with no budget. The team also had to make sure the campaign was environmentally friendly and that no resources were wasted in the process.


What the team came up with was a 310 feet in diameter crop circle, in a field of barley just outside a small town in California. The campaign hit all of Jen-Hsun Huang’s demands and it also took off spreading across the internet and network news around the globe. Not bad considering NVIDIA didn’t spend anything on a campaign that ended up having a global reach.

The circle uses braille to list the number 192 multiple times, which refers to the amount of cores used in the new Tegra processor.

We know what you are thinking, how is this not a waste of barely ? Apparently the crop was after growth from a harvested barley field that was just going to be plowed over for the next season.