NVIDIA Possibly Working on Dual GK110 Graphics Card – GeForce GTX 790

A month ago it was brought to light that AMD is working on a dual GPU graphics card based on the “Hawaii” architecture. The proof of this was found in a driver’s package, and while AMD might never actually get the card to the market, they are internally testing such a beast. To counter this NVIDIA is working on a dual GPU graphics card of their own; the GeForce GTX 790.

If the rumors are true the GTX 790 is going to be an interesting graphics card. According to MyDrivers.com, the dual GPU behemoth will come equipped with a duo of GK110 graphics processors that have 2496 streaming processors each. Up to this point we haven’t seen a GK110 graphics card using 2496 streaming processors, as the GTX 780 has 2304 SPs and the Titan has 2688. With 2496 streaming processors, each GPU will have performance that falls been the Titan and the GTX 780. Double that up and you are talking unreal gaming performance.


The memory interface is also been tweaked compared to other GK110 graphics cards. According to the site the memory interface will run on a dual 320-bit memory bus and each GPU will have 5GB of memory, giving the card a total 10GB frame buffer. 10GB of GDDR5 memory will give this card substantial memory bandwidth, making it a great choice for 4K gaming.

If indeed this beast makes it to the market, look for a February launch. Oh, and for the pricing we can only speculate the MSRP over the $1000 mark.