Panasonic Creates Power Suit to Increase Human Strength – Similar to Aliens Power Loader

If you have ever watched the Aliens Movie, you will remember the “Power Loader”; a robotic suit that increased the strength of a person substantially, allowing them to lift heavy crates as if they were mere empty cardboard boxes.


Panasonic is looking to make the “Power Loader” a reality, as they have developed a suit called the “Powered Suit”, which mechanically supports physical strength allowing the user to lift heavy objects similar to the “Power Loader”. The Panasonic suit even bears a resemblance to the suit used in the Aliens movie, proving once again that cinema does influence the direction of some science advancements.

The “Power Suit” is designed to lift objects that weigh as much as 220lbs and the unit can move at a speed of nearly 5 MPH. Additionally, the “Power Suit” can run on a single battery charge for up to 5 hours and the arms can be switched so that they don’t only grip, but can also do operations involving hammering, digging and using a scoop. Hopefully it is also able to kill some aliens…. just in case.


The suit is expected to hit mass production in 2015 and the price of a single suit will cost nearly $5000.