PowerColor Radeon R9 290x PCS+ Coming Soon

The reference AMD Radeon R9 290x runs hot and loud, and even though it is one of the fastest graphics cards on the planet, some gamers won’t purchase it because of these drawbacks. Luckily AMD’s board partners are working on designs that will curb these issues and recent images from the Powercolor Facebook page show they have an interesting graphics card coming down the pipe.


The new heatsink is part of the PCS+ series and it comes with three large axial fans that sit above a massive heatsink array that has what appears to be five copper heatpipes running through it. Other than the images Powercolor has not released any info about the new card, so we can’t be sure what the clocks speeds are set to, but it is a safe bet to assume this model will be overclocked out-of-the-box.