Samsung Smartphones Fail Quality Check – Phone Could Explode

In the last quarter of 2013, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce did extensive research testing the quality of goods that ranged from computers, mobile phones and batteries. While most of the smartphone companies involved in the testing only sell their products in the Asian market, Samsung was among the brands being tested, and they are currently the top supplier of smartphones in the western market.

In total 10 brands were tested and among them 8 brands were labeled substandard and Samsung was included in that list with the Samsung GT-S7568 model failing the “thermal shock” testing. That’s a whopping 80% failure rate, essentially meaning Samsung and other manufacturer’s phones could be vulnerable to exploding – similar to what happened to one Galaxy S4 owner whose phone caught on fire while he was charging it overnight.


Zhengzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau official said the issues ranged from wiring connections, power disturbance, thermal shock and batteries passing their rated power capacity. Of course this doesn’t mean that all smartphones are going to explode, and major explosions are rare, but these findings aren’t reassuring either.

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