Steam Box Unboxing, Tear Down, Testing and Tweaking


There are only 300 Steam Box beta testers in the U.S. and one of those lucky few has just posted a few vidoes on Youtube showing him unboxing and tearing it down, as well as testing the unit. In the first video he removes the Box from a large crate like container and shows off hardware the unit came with the controller and the actual Steam Box itself. From the video you can see the Steam Box is extremely well ventilated, especially at the back end where the graphics card is located. Other than that it is a plain black box with the control panel on the front and the I/O panel on the back.

With the Steam Box out of the packaging the beta tester broke the system apart to give us a internal view of the hardware. Inside the case everything is extremely tight, but you can see that Valve used a copper CPU heatsink with a large heatpipe that runs along the fin stack, a mITX motherboard with dual RAM slots and a GeForce GTX 780 for the graphics horse power. The graphics card will be the hottest components in the Steam Box – to address this Valve essentially dedicated the entire lower portion of the case to isolte the graphics card, which should allow it to run at good temps while gaming.

The same beta tester also installed Windows on a second hard drive to the system, so he could dual boot between Windows and the SteamOS.

“Here is my Steam Machine running both Windows And SteamOS. I can switch back and forth using the bios to select a different boot device. I did NOT put both Windows and SteamOS on the same “

He also posted a video using the controller with Windows, and according to him the controller feels extremely natural and works perfectly as a mouse when not gaming. He also shows that Windows recognizes the controller as a keyboard and mouse, so you don’t have to alter settings to get the controller to work.