Steiger Dynamics Creates $800 HTPC Case

The LEET Chassis can hold up to E-ATX motherboards, 3 full size graphics cards with a length of up to 11″ (280 mm) and height of 4.375 inch (115 mm: slot-height), three 2.5 inch drives (below the 5.25 inch optical drive) and four additional 3.5 inch drives. Due to limited space above the CPU, we recommend the use of liquid cooling solutions. The chassis accepts 1x 120 mm single radiator and 1x additional 120×240 mm dual radiator in pull, push or push/pull configurations.


The Soundgraph FingerVU 700M touch-display with Samsung panel is connected via internal USB 2.0 (DisplayLink chipset) and can be used as an extended screen (800×480), with Soundgraph’s touch applications (not supported by us) or with the included non-touch STEIGER DYNAMICS LEET Monitor App (recommended). The LEET Monitor App brings all vital system information to the built in front screen, including CPU/GPU temps, clocks, and loads, ping, drive space, system volume, and others.

Included with the LEET full aluminum HTPC chassis:
– STEIGER DYNAMICS Box with 3M cable holders and all necessary screws to mount drives, motherboard, radiators, fans, PSU, etc.
– STEIGER DYNAMICS Binder with printed manual, DVD with LEET Monitor App and manual (newest versions always on our website), and a binder pocket for your component manuals.
– Rear outside fan grill in chrome or black (depending on chassis color)
– Brushed aluminum optical drive front plate and adhesive tape
– 92 mm ultra silent HDD case fan, pre-mounted
– 7″ Soundgraph touch front screen with Samsung Display, pre-mounted
– IR receiver, pre-mounted
– Pair of white cotton gloves for assembly