Student Pays $750 for Xbox One Image – And a Bad One at That


eBay is full of scams, and the person that sold the Xbox One Day One packaging is a jerk that listed a product against the eBay rules that lead to confusion and ultimately the selling of nothing more than a box. The person that put this listing up is equally a jerk, but the buyer is ultimately at fault because the posting clearly said the auction was for an image of the Xbox One, and not the actual unit. But the seller listed the item in the consoles section and not the image section, so like we said he is a jerk.


Still you have to feel bad for this 19 year old student in the U.K. that dropped the equivalent of $750 for an image of a console for his 4 year old son. The real punch to the gut was that the image wasn’t even of good quality – the printer was clearly running out of ink leaving a purple and pink image with lines across it. Additionally, the seller wrote “Thank You” on the back adding even more insult to injury.

It is expected the buyer will get a full refund, but this is just another case that could have been avoided if you read the title of what you are buying.