Target offering $200 Giftcards for any Generation iPad

Let’s face it most trade in programs are worthless and not even worthy of a second thought. The Target iPad trade-in program though is actually a pretty sweet deal. From now until November 9th, Target is offering a$200 gift card for in store credit for any iPad, regardless of generation. This is just the starting paying as well, and new gen models should net a higher payout. The only catch is the iPad has to power on and not look like it barley made it through a magnitude 7.2 earthquake.

$200 is still $299 off from getting you a current gen iPad, but if a new pad is your end goal it makes it much more affordable. You can trade your iPad in both online and in a store, but in order to get this paticlaur deal you will need to get off the couch because it is in-store only.