Our Team

Chris Ledenican: Editor-in-Chief


I have been an avid technology enthusiast my entire life and built my first computer back in 2005 with an AMD Athlon X2 4800+, 1GB of memory and an NVIDIA FX 5950 Ultra graphics card. With each technology advancement I would upgrade my system and I have built a computer with every architecture that has come out since 2005. I first started reviewing in 2009 when Overclockersclub.com hired me as a full time reviewer, where I was quickly promoted to a senior review position at Overclockersclub’s sister site, Neoseeker.

I wanted to branch out on my own so along with Timurtek Bizel, I founded Hardware 360 in 2013, which allows me to cover the news and hardware launches I find the most interesting. As you can see I am also quite the beer enthusiast and am always looking for a new good ale to try.


Ron Perillo: Senior Reviewer


Once in a great while, a reviewer comes along that shakes the tech industry at its very core and changes the paradigm of tech journalism completely. A writer of concise wit but brings palpable gravitas to every sentence and phrase penned. This person is of outstanding moral character, has incorruptible ethics and is a paragon of virtue. That reviewer is NOT Ron—although if you know a reviewer that is close to the description above, send us an e-mail because we are always hiring.

A lifelong critic, Ron has turned his fault-finding gaze toward tech reviews after realizing that there was no upside to constantly criticizing his girlfriends. He believes that he has good taste in films but insists that Phantom Menace was a good movie and is ready to engage in pretend-light sabre duel with anyone who disagrees otherwise. He lives in Toronto, Canada which explains why he spells “saber” the wrong way. He is passionate about beautiful women, mechanical keyboards and Lemon-scented cleaning solutions. Ron also has an odd medical condition where he refers to himself in the 3rd person whenever he is forced by his Editor-in-Chief to write a mini-biographical blurb for a website.


Darren Wiltse: Contributing Editor


Darren Wiltse is a Contributing Editor at Hardware 360 based out of Los Angeles writing daily technology news, editorials, and product reviews. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area near Silicon Valley, Darren’s love for all things technology was born at an early age.

After receiving degrees in Biology and Chemistry and working in Biotechnology for many years, Darren moved on to receive his Juris Doctor degree and subsequently works in Entertainment for one of the largest Film and Television studios in the world licensing films to international exhibitors.

Darren enjoys technological innovation, is an avid PC gamer, and is an all-around gadget hound. He also enjoys getting outdoors to run, ski and hike with his lovely wife.

Samuel Wan: News Editor and Reviewer

Timurtek Bizel