Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses to be Shown at CES

Google Glass was all over the net when the product was first announced, but over the following months the news started to stall and now it is essentially at a crawl. Many news sites are already declaring Google Glass DOA, but we still believe there is a market for digital eye wear – maybe just not in it current form.


A new company is stepping into wearable display technology with an innovative approach. The company is called Innovega, who will be showing off an augmented reality contact lens during CES dubbed the iOptik, a technology that floats virtual screens filled with information in front of the wearer’s eyes.

iOpitk is a two part solution that uses both a contact lens and a pair of glasses to create a virtual environment in front of the user. The contact lens is a special filter that sits on the eye and is capable of reading the light from projectors fitted to glasses. Then through sensors on the glasses the user is able to manipulate and interact with the objects being displayed by the projectors.


“Innovega’s wearable transparent heads-up display, enabled by iOptik contact lens technology, delivers mega-pixel content with a panoramic field-of-view. This high-performance and stylish eyewear is perfectly suited for the enjoyment of immersive personal media. The first part of the video is a CGI compilation provided by CONNECT, San Diego and the second part is actual footage through our system.”