NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case Review

While all the other websites are looking at the AMD refreshed graphics cards we here at Hardware 360 say forget that noise, because we have something entirely new to look at from NZXT.

The new chassis is the Source 530 and it is what you could call a hybrid between the top of the line cases and the more a affordable chassis. Essentially, what NZXT did was take the features of their high end Switch s […] Continue Reading

Patriot Viper 3 Low Profile 2133MHz Memory Review

In a list of crimes committed against children during Halloween, euphemistically named “fun”-sized candy ranks up there beside razor-laden apples and healthy snack alternatives. There is nothing fun about getting 1/3 the size of a regular chocolate bar, just ask Saddam Hussein who during his last days of freedom was found surviving on these diminutive snacks while livin […] Continue Reading

NZXT Kraken G10 Liquid Cooled GPU Mounting Bracket Review


Today’s high-end graphics processors can consume up to 250 watts of total board power under peak load, and while not all of the power is dedicated to the GPU the majority of it is. This creates an issue where the GPU has to dissipate over 200W of power (heat) in order to not over heat. The standard method to cool graphics processors is a metal heatsink – some […] Continue Reading

GELID IcyPad Review


While cooling might not be in the forefront of your mind during winter season, your components would beg to differ. Sure they are not sentient but if they could speak they would let you know that cooling is always important no matter what season. CPUs and video cards get the bulk of the attention when it comes to prioritizing system cooling and even laptops get their own cushy platforms now but what […] Continue Reading

Intel Core i7 4960X (Ivy Bridge-E) Review


Intel has not released an enthusiast processor for the last two years (Ivy Bridge-E), but in the meantime they have launched not one, but two new mainstream architectures. Ivy Bridge-E changes this, but as a drop in upgrade for the x79 platform, there are no major changes besides a die shrink and better power consumption. Of course this Isn’t what most enthusiasts wanted, but at the end of the […] Continue Reading

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB Review

Product Name: NvidiaGeForce GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card
Price: Starting at $699.99 – Amazon


Both the “Kepler” and “Tahiti” architectures have been on the market for nearly two years now, but it was just last month that we saw the best of what Tahiti can do in the form of “Hawaii” and now Nvidia is f […] Continue Reading

AMD Kaveri A10 APU Powered Briefcase PC Mod

AMD kicked off CES with their Kaveri Tech Day event, which was dedicated to the new APU’s coming down the pipe. At the event though AMD was showing off some case mods using Kaveri based systems and Legit Reviews managed to get a few shots of an interesting briefcase mod made by Ed Callaway.

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Seagate 600 Pro 200GB SSD & RAID Review

Over the last few years SSDs have started to replace standard mechanical hard drives in the consumer market, as the speed relative to an HDD makes them logical choice hands down. However, SSDs haven’t been as widely adapted in the enterprise space because of one major issue that has plagued the drives since their initial launch – flash wear. An SSD has a limited number […] Continue Reading